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    Office Phone- 716-686-3255 ext. 9366
    (Last Update 9/12/18)
    ONLINE Sign-up Info is Here (please see below)
    [Sign-Ups are open now]

     Welcome to Ski & Snowboarb Club 2018-19

    This year, we are starting with a public service announcement.
    ANYONE can purchase all of your Ultimate Pass needs for Holiday Valley through the online purchase portal for the High School Downhill Ski and Snoiwboard Club.
    General Savings is $10 from the over the counter or online purchasing with Holiday Valley.
    Friends, family, classmates.......anyone!
    And please don't forget that a student season pass can be purchased for $425 (Full) or $310 (Night), for any students that are currently attending high school or middle school. Campare that to the current rate of $679 for a 25 and under pass through Holiday Valley.
    Some other rate examples:
    Ultimate White Pass- Club/$247  HV/$257
    Ultimate Flex Pass- Club/$185  HV/$195
    Ultimate Saturday Pass- Club/$195 HV/$205
    New for 2018-19 School Club members
    We will be participating in the online sign up program this year.
    All members of club will need to purchase an online Ultimate Wednesday pass, and then pay for transportation during sign up week. This will eliminate the need for registration forms and give your parents an opportunity to earn credit card points for sign up fees. Regular paper sign-up will still be available but it will cost approximately $10 more.
    Keep in mind that transportation fees can be added to any online purchased pass option.
    This will get you 8 Wednesday nights with the club.
    Early Online Sign-ups are guaranteed a spot on the bus!


    **Online Sign-Up Info**
     Please click on the link below to launch the instructions for online sign-up process for Holiday Valley passes. Remember, anyone can benefit from signing up through the club. Members will need to sign up for their 8 week transportation ticket during normal club sign-ups. The 8 week bussing can be added to any online purchase.
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    SIGN UP FOR REMIND101 NOW!! Text @lhsski2019 To 81010 
    HV Club Logo
     Check out the new Holiday valley promo video:

    Some exciting updates for Vermont goers....
    We are currently booking dates, bussing, and lodging for
    Okemo and Mount Snow
    And we are moving the trip....for the first time ever.....to a different weekend.
    Stay Tuned for details and an accompanying video link.

     Announcement System for Club or VT Members!!
    We are going to use Remind101 for updates
    Please follow the instructions to become a text member.
    Text me at 81010, chooses from the following messages:
    For Club members (or parents): Text @lhsski2019
     For Vermont members (or parents): Text @lhsvt2019
    You will get a response requiring your full name, only once. You can sign up for both message servers if you would like. Keep up to date with all meetings, ski conditions, quick reminders, etc.
    [Click on the left hand selections to find out more about Ski Club or the Vermont Trip.....Some items are only available at certain times of the year.]
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