• Per the New York State Education Department, the following are key elements of successful transition plans and services:

    The GOAL of transition planning is to identify and provide students with opportunities and necessary supports while they are in school that will lead the student to achieve his/her post-secondary goals for lifelong learning, community participation, and work for pay. The PROCESS of transition planning requires a partnership among the student, family and school, and, as appropriate, other agencies that can provide transition activities to the student. By its very nature, transition planning is a collaborative effort and must be thought of as an on-going process across multiple school years. The PROVISION of meaningful and effective transition services requires the district to have appropriate instructional, career and work-related, and community experiences available to students.
    work equals success
    Mrs. Melisse Machnica, Transition Coordinator
    716-686-3255, ext. 9822
    If you would like to set up a time to come in to discuss your transition plans,
    please call me or email me using the above contact information
  • College Consortium of Disability Advocates- This website provided information to students and parents about college and disability services in college.  There is also information the annual College Night in October.
    NYSED - Adult Career and Continuing Education Services  ACCES-VR assists individuals with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and to support independent living through training, education, rehabilitation, and career development.
    Disability Services Office Contact Information