•  Mrs. Fitzpatrick

    Wilkommen! Welcome to 7th grade German class and welcome back to the 8th graders!

    This year you will have the opportunity to begin your study of a second language.  I am thrilled that you have chosen German. In 7th grade German, you will learn about the following topics. These topics are the first half of New York State checkpoint A.
    * Personal ID
    * Physical Environment
    * Leisure
    * Education
    * Family Life
    * House and Home
    * Current Events 
    Although you will not have a written assignment everyday, there is always a vocabulary list to study and verbs to conjugate.  When written homework is assigned, it is expected that it will be completed.   Incomplete assignments will receive a zero and completed assignments will receive a five.  Remember that in addition to the vocabulary lists located in your binder, your text book contains the vocabulary lists as well.