Welcome to Mrs. Kelm's Website
    Thank you for visiting! This year I will be teaching Algebra, Algebra Lab, and AP Computer Science.
    In Algebra the students will be using video instruction to enhance instruction outside of the classroom. The videos are meant to introduce background knowledge, which will be expanded upon in class.  Using this approach means students receive support in the classroom and are able to work at individualized speeds based on comprehension of the material. Additional support is also available after school and throughout the day upon request. All videos and classroom materials will be available on Google Classroom, so be sure to check there for more information! Please email me with any questions you may have.
    Algebra Lab is a class that allows students to enhance the skills needed to pass the Algebra Common Core Exam and course.  
    AP Computer Science teaches students to program using Java. We use codeHS to supplement instruction along with PowerPoint presentations, handouts, labs, and more. The students are able to work at their own speed and explore the components of Computer Science. The use of technology also helps students work at individualized speeds and practice skills as needed.