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  • Fall Trap Team Sign-up Announced!!

    Posted by Michael Gembar on 8/19/2018

    Lancaster Trap team returns to the trap field this September after thier inugural season!! Sign-up is not open for student-athletes 12year old as of August 31st in grades 6-12th. New participants place click on the link below; include a parents email address. Lancaster Trap Team Sign-ups

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  • NYS Clay Target League & Conferences

    Posted by Michael Gembar on 4/19/2018

    The league has announced our confereces, the school we are directly competeing against. We are conference #3 and 9 student scores will count each week. Please review the league handbook, below in this post, or this online link explains true team scoring!  http://nyclaytarget.com/rules/true-team-scoring/

    CONFERENCE 3 (9)
    Hartford Central School
    Heuvelton Central School
    Hoosick Falls Jr/Sr High School
    Hudson Falls High School
    Lancaster High School
    Lyme Central School
    Newfield High School


    True Team® Scoring

    Earn team points against your entire conference!

    The League has developed an exclusive True Team® scoring format will help determine the overall performance for a team in all weekly events during the season.


    The purpose of a True Team® competition is to recognize which team is the best overall, rather than which team has the most top finishers while providing a more enjoyable experience for the student athletes. This is accomplished while maintaining the League’s mission and beliefs. The new scoring goals include:

    • Fair for everyone
    • Team-focused rewards
    • Scaleable to work with all team and conference sizes
    • Athletes and coaches can measure personal performance progress
    • Encourage teams to offer open participation and introduce beginner shooters
    • Allow all athletes the ability to contribute to a team’s scoring performance
    • Make it exciting for athletes


    In the True Team® scoring format, each team has a pre-determined number of competitors that will contribute to their team’s score, with each competitor scoring at least one point. The top score in a conference will receive the maximum number of points and the last score will receive the minimum one point unless there is a tie and the remaining points are split equally.


    Each conference will have a different total of the points available for each event because each conference will have a different number of qualifying athletes and perhaps a different number of teams.

    • Teams are assigned a conference based on a similar number of members on a team.
    • The number of scores used is determined upon a team’s conference designation at the time of assignment.
    • Smaller conferences with smaller teams will use less scores. Larger conferences with larger teams will use more scores.
    • The same number of team members must be used for each team to provide equal opportunity to earn points.
    • See the Conference True Team® Scoring Assignment Examples below.


    All athletes shoot at their assigned 50 targets on their team-assigned event day of the week. The Head Coach enters all scores in the League’s Team Management System™ before Saturday at 9 p.m.

    • All athletes shoot their 50 targets.
    • The top scores, as determined by the qualifying number of scores used for your team each week, are compared against all other teams within your conference. See the True Team® scoring example to the right.
    • The top score receives the highest number of points available and the remaining scores are assigned based on decreasing subsequent scores until to the last qualifying score that receives one point.
    • Scores that are tied will equally split the earned points.
    • Athletes who do not qualify for the week’s top finishers are recorded and submitted, but not used.
    • Scores are published on Saturday at 9:05 p.m.


    • All athlete scores are added to determine the total team score for that event.
    • The team score is then compared against all of the scores of the other teams in their conference to determine weekly and overall standings.


    • All completed event scores are added to determine the standings based on the highest number of points earned.
    • The team that ends the season with the highest number of points earned wins their conference.
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  • Reserve Week#1 "SnowFest"

    Posted by Michael Gembar on 4/16/2018

    Snow-shoot at West Falls Conservation Society will be one to remember!!

    Victoria Nick

    Anthony Squad#2

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  • Over 1100 Student Athletes Registered for the 2018 Season!!

    Posted by Michael Gembar on 4/6/2018

    New York  –  1,149 students from 59 New York high school teams are participating in New York State High School Clay Target League’s (NYSHSCTL) 2018 spring trap shooting season, which began April 1st.  Last year there were 370 students participating on 19 teams.

    “Clay target shooting as an activity for New York high school athletes continues to grow by leaps and bounds,” said Jim Sable, President of the NYSHSCTL, “The record-setting growth we’ve seen shows the demand for alternative high school activities related to New York’s longstanding outdoor traditions.”

    The League’s co-ed and adaptive nature are key attractions to high schools in New York. The League is fully Title IX compliant with both male and female athletes competing on the same team. Additionally, it’s an ‘adaptive’ sport, which allows students with physical disabilities to take part.

    “We take pride in that athletes of all types are able to participate in clay target shooting,” John Nelson, Vice President of the NYSHSCTL, remarked. “Our True Team® scoring system is also designed so that everyone can compete, not just the top scorers on a team.”

    Upon completion of the Spring League, all student athletes are invited to participate in individual and team competitions at the 2018 State Tournament. The event is scheduled for June 9th at the Bridgeport Rod and Gun Club in Cicero.

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  • Local Businesses, Vendors & individual sponsors!

    Posted by Michael Gembar on 3/20/2018

    We are grateful for the continued support from West Falls Conservation Society, Members, Vendors & local businesses!

    Their support and love for shooting sports is awesome!!

    I'm pleased to thank;

    Sincerely, Lancaster Trap Team & Coaches

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  • Lancaster Trap Staff Announced!

    Posted by Michael Gembar on 3/19/2018

    Lancaster Schools Trap Team serves students 6th-12th grade over the NYS required age of 12 yrs old. We are members of the NYSHSCTL and pride ourselves on three values; Safety, Fun & Marksmanship.

    Our coaching staff has a rich history in shooting sports and love of the outdoors! Our coaching staff has spent decades honing thier skills in the woods & on the trap fields 

    Head Coach; M.Gembar
    Technical Coaches; R. Wilcox, P. Clearly, M. Offhaus
    Management Team; K. Von Vreckin, K. Kavathas, L. Johnson

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  • Raffle Tickets!!!

    Posted by Michael Gembar on 3/8/2018
    West Falls Conservation Society & Gary Bridges at TriState firearms in Hamburg are putting on a gun raffle of a single firearm and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Lancaster Trap Team. It will be a $20 per ticket donation with a maximum of 250 tickets sold with the drawing on April 2nd. We will be raffling off Browning BT-99 with adjustable comb and buttstock and upgraded recoil pad. Retail value around $1,800.00 I will post a link to the firearm below. 
    Please contact one of the coaches; Michael Gembar, Richard Wilcox, Leif Johnson, Kostandino Kavathas  or a Trap Team member! Students cannot sell them as it is against state law for students to sell raffle tickets. Email for Tickets or additional information.
    Thank you for your support!!
     Browning BT99
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  • Team Polos-Tees-Hats

    Posted by Michael Gembar on 2/26/2018

    Open to Family & Friends!!

    Orders are due March 2nd to Mr Gembar!

     Order Forms

    Team Attire

     Order Forms

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  • Clay target league is high school’s safest sport.

    Posted by Michael Gembar on 2/22/2018
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  • Trap Videos!!

    Posted by Michael Gembar on 2/21/2018
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