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    Modified Girls Soccer



    • Sign-ups for fall sports will take place ONLINE starting Thursday, April 26th  and run through

    Thursday, May 3rd .  Sign-ups for WSS will be ONLINE starting and ending same dates as HS and MS.


    • Students (WSS & LMS) must hand in their athletic consent form by Friday, May11th .


    • The ImPACT Test will be given after school (2:30 – 3:30) Wed., May 16 and Thurs., May 17 in the Computer Lab  - Room #214.  Impact Testing for WSS is administered during PE classes.


    • Those students who need an injury or medical release will be scheduled for an appointment with the school physician.


    • Any player who does not have a PHYSICAL, PERMISSION SLIP, MEDICAL INTERVIEW AND/OR IMPACT TEST CANNOT TRYOUT.  This will be indicated with a YELLOW cell on the roster.  


    • Please read “Notes to Coachesto review necessary information regarding injuries and medical clearance.  If you have any questions, please call the health office at 686-3225.


    • COACHES: 1.) LMS utilizes the electronic registration list as the team’s initial roster. PLEASE REVIEW by Monday, May 7th and let me know of any discrepancies.               

                        2.) Once athletes turn in their consent form a TAB labeled “TRYOUT ROSTER “will be created (see bottom of registration page).  This will become the roster you should view to see if any athlete has a yellow cell indicating they are missing information and CANNOT tryout.      

                        3.) It is recommended that you schedule a meeting with the athletes to communicate details. PLEASE KEEP WEBSITE up to date, communicate details to us, AND give us your start dates.



    Thurs, Apr 26 thru

    Thurs, May 3 -- LMS, WSS & HS sign-ups for Fall Sports ONLINE

    Mon, May 7     -- Coaches review registration list

    Fri, May 11 -- LMS & WSS Consent forms due in Nurse’s office

    Wed, May 16 & Thurs, May 17 -- Impact Test / after school in LMS Computer Lab Room #214

    Wed. Aug 15 --  Girls Modified Soccer 9:45 am @LMS nurses office

    Thurs. Sept. 6 -- First Day of Practice

    FYI:   Physicals/rechecks by school physician (LMS/LHS) – scheduled by Health Office

    Interview Dates

    Coaches must be present with their players at scheduled time to organize and direct students


    From the Desk of Jenny Davis, R.N.


    1. ALL INJURIES MUST BE REPORTED TO THE NURSE’S OFFICE. Not every injury will require an accident report.  The health office will decide whether or not an accident report needs to be filed. If a student sees a doctor, chiropractor, has x-rays, has physical therapy, etc.  – an accident report must be filed.


    After an accident report has been filed, medical clearance is needed by the student’s own physician. Clearance by the school physician may be required.  All doctor’s notes, etc., are to be sent to the nurse’s office. STUDENTS CANNOT PRACTICE/PLAY UNTIL CLEARANCE IS SENT TO YOU IN WRITING FROM THE NURSE’S OFFICE.    Do not accept doctors’ notes from your players.  All doctor notes must be returned to the nurse’s office.    


    1. Once a head injury is thought to be a concussion, the athlete is out of the sport and PE until cleared by the school physician. “Return To Play” protocol will be followed.


    1. All accident reports should be initialed by coach/witness. If a student tells us you were unaware, this will be noted. If there is any problem/disagreement with the accident report, please document on a separate page – not the original report.


    1. Special notes – for dental coverage to be in effect – mouthguards must be worn during practice/play for football, ice hockey, lacrosse and field hockey.



             If there are any areas of concern or any questions, please call 686-3225.  Thank you.

    Fall sport sign ups will be Thursday, April 26th  through Thursday, May 3rd ONLINE ONLY. 
    After signing up ONLINE print the Athletic Consent Form, complete and return to the Middle School Health Office by Friday, May 11.  

    Student must have a current physical on file in the Health Office dated between August 2017 to August 2018.

    Mandatory Nurses Interview for Modified Girls Soccer will be on 8/15/2018.
    The first Day of practice will be on the first full student day.