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    Functional Work Study Program grades
    9 - 12
    Mr. Mosher can be reached at Bmosher@Lancasterschools.org
    or  686-3255 ex 9346
    If you would like to set up a parent conference, please contact me by e-mail or phone.
    This program Syllabus/classroom information focuses on Reading & Math, along with Daily Living/Social Skills and Employment Skills.
    This is a ungraded program but, effort grades are usually posted to Parent Portal weekly but at a minimum quarterly.  Grades may include a combination of "S" Satisfactory , "U" Unsatisfactory  or Numeric Grade based on individual effort and ability.
    In order to receive a "S" students must be working up to their individual ability with regard to their individual goals, and maintain effort in demonstrating their skill.
    Most of the students in this program will earn a Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential, when they finish High School. There are some students that may earn a "CDOS" Career Development and Occupational Studies Credential upon graduation. If you are unsure which your child is expected to achieve you may contact your child's teacher directly.
    Please contact me with any questions or concerns. 
     Functional Team Contact Number: 686-9346
    Mr. Mosher (Consultant Teacher): bmosher@lancasterschools.org
    in collaboration with:
    Mrs. Machnica (Transition Coordinator): mmachnica@lancasterschools.org
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