• Welcome to Mr. Pollard & Mrs. Anstett's Double Block Algebra!!
    Here is where to go for all the materials you need for Double Block Algebra.  Blank copies and keys of all notes, practice tests, and extra reviews are found under the links along the left side of the screen.  Just find and click on the correct unit.  Everything is there!  Print them out if you need to!!
    All review videos will also be here to watch for the entire year.  Use them to study/prepare for quizzes, tests, and the final exam!
    Parents:  Don't forget to check parent portal for updated grades and averages.  Make sure to check your e-mail every Monday for my weekly updates!
    Contact Information:  Chris Pollard
                                        (716) 686-3255 ext. 9230
                                        Megan Anstett
                                        (716) 686-3255 ext. 9370
Last Modified on February 13, 2018