Welcome to the 2nd semester of the school year.   
    Students who have half-year courses will be following their schedule for the 2nd semester of the school year.  Please check to see what new classes you may be enrolled in.
    All students have their research projects for English due on Friday, February 16th.  If they hand it in on Thursday, February 15th, they will get an extra 10 points added to their grade.  Please aim for completion on this date.  Also, please note that Mrs. Teichmann does not take late work.  This grade will be counted for 30% of the students' average for the quarter.  Please make sure your son/daughter is working on their research paper nightly.
    Starting on Monday, February 19th to Friday, February 23rd, there will be no school for students.  This is President's Day and Mid-Winter Break. 
    The students have begun working on their Research Papers for their English 9 class.  As you should already know if you have been talking to your child about school, they are researching a controversial topic.  This paper will be due right before the beginning of the break on Friday, February 16th.  This gives them only a few weeks to complete it, so they should be working on it each evening at home, in addition to what they are doing during their English class.  I have made up a schedule with what they should be doing each evening, so they are not overwhelmed with it before the break.
    To contact me directly at school, please call 686-3342 ext. 9425 or e-mail me at cscheitinger@lancaster.wnyric.org   
    If you would like to set up a parent conference, please contact me.
    I am available from 7:00 to 7:30 in the morning and 12:45 to 2:45 in the afternoon on most days.  I can stay after those hours if your child would like extra help. Please have your son/daughter contact me ahead of time so I am aware that they will be staying.


Last Modified on February 5, 2018