Students will familiarize themselves with the school district's academic policy (found in the front of the student academic planner/student handbook). Students will be held accountable for all aspects of the academic honesty policy as it pertains to their work.
    Students will report to class on time and be prepared with all necessary materials for the day's lesson (i.e., Binder/Notebook/Homework/Supplies).
    Students will copy daily homework assignments in their student academic planners for each of their classes. 
    Students will complete their homework at home and hand it in to their appropriate teacher on time.  If they do not understand a problem/concept, they will skip that one and complete the rest of the assignment.  They will then ask for help on the problem/assignment that they did not understand and hand in the homework on time.
    Students will participate in review classes and study groups during their Resource Period.  
    Students will participate in lessons to improve executive functions such as time management and organizational skills.

    Students will participate in activities to meet their individual goals as stated on their IEP.
    Students will participate in transition activities to prepare for employment/post-secondary education.
Last Modified on August 30, 2017