• Course Description Guide  2018-19 

    Dear Student:
         One of the most important decisions you will make as a student will be the selection of the courses you will take in high school.  The variety of course offerings and their degree of difficulty, electives, required courses, as well as completion of a chosen sequence will all have a definite impact on your educational goals. 
       As you prepare to make these decisions with the help of your parents, counselors and teachers, be sure to challenge yourself -- take full advantage of your potential to succeed in school.
       The extensive course offerings contained in this Guide provide an opportunity for you to explore, aspire and challenge your interests and talents.  Examine these carefully before deciding what is best for you.  Once your schedule is finalized it is difficult to have it changed.  Your final schedule will be your year-long commitment to the courses you selected.
        The administrators, counselors and teaching staff stand ready to assist you in any way to make your experience at Lancaster High School a rewarding and treasured educational experience.  Please feel free to contact us for assistance.
       Good luck in your planning.


    Mr. Cesar Marchioli

    Course offerings are subject to changes or cancellations based on student enrollment.
    Students are encouraged to select alternates for all courses chosen during the schedule request process.  Student course selections must be finalized by June 1.
    All policies contained in this Guide can be waived or altered with administrative approval. 
Last Modified on December 22, 2017