• Mr. Przykuta's Seventh Grade Science Classroom
    Welcome to 7th grade Physical Science.
    These are the supplies needed for the 2017-18 School Year:
    Folder, Pen, Pencil, Notebook, Colored Pencils, Binder, Calculator, Paper


    Instructor: Mr. Eric Przykuta

    Contact info:  716 - 686 – 3220

    Email: eprzykuta@lancasterschools.org

    Please feel free to contact me anytime; Email is most effective for quick feedback. 


    Outline of study:

    Scientific Inquiry  / Safety                                              The Nature of Matter

    Forms of Energy and Principles                         Chemical bonds and Compounds

    Motion and Forces                                                       Light, Waves, and Sound




    Homework Policy:


    Your child will receive homework, despite what they tell you! 

    Methods of notification:


    Posting in class on assignment board Monday Morning, numerous verbal cues.


    If the assignment is not turned in during the class period, it will be considered late. 

    Students have the opportunity to turn late work in for ½ the original value of the assignment.

    Late work must be turned in before the end of the given marking period.



    Absent Policy:


    Students are required to come see me when they return to school so that I may provide them with the work and or assignment(s) that they missed.  A reasonable timeline will be given to complete the work.



    -  At the end of each chapter a test will be given.

    -  Quizzes will usually be given by chapter section, for example Chapter 1-1.

    -  Final exam is a cumulative test that is given in June. Students will receive review materials in class.    



    Grades:  Grades and assignments will be available on the parent portal.



    Grading is based out of total points for a given marking period.


    450 = Students total points from homework, tests, labs, quizzes and various other assignments.


    500 = Total points available for the marking period.


    450/500  = 0.9 x 100 = 90% is the marking period average.
     7 – Red Physical Science Textbook Login:

     Login using the following:
    Username:     SEVENR24

    Password:  seven250







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