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Mr. Kellner's 4th Grade
 Congratulations on getting to tape Mrs. Finn to the Wall!
Tape 1  Tape 2 Tape 3 Tape 4 Tape 5 Tape 6 Tape 7 Tape 8 Tape 9 Tape 10 Tape 11
Our Scholastic Class Activation Code is PHR6M
 Go to scholastic.com/readingclub
Upcoming Tests:  
Science- Mystery Matter- Test on Wed., Jan. 27 (Click to the left for a Study Guide)
Math Unit 4 Test on Thursday, Jan. 28 
No Spelling Test on Wed., Jan. 27 
 Click on the link below to practice  Long Division:
Practice Those Multiplication Facts!
 We need to know them by heart, and we need to know them fast!
Here is a link to Fast Math to Practice your Facts: 
 Password is lcsd2015
(This program can only be done at school- Try "Aplus Math" below to practice your facts at home) 
For Supply List, click on the Link to the left. 
Daily Homework Assignments can be found in your Child's Agenda.
(This should be in your child's binder, which is brought home daily. Thanks for checking it regularly!)
Email address to reach Mr. Kellner:
Phone number to reach Mr. Kellner:
(716) 686-3800
Click on the following links to reach site:
  Book-It Contest ends 1/31/16 !
 Go to "Enter Contest" and Put in the Following:
Contest Name:  January Book It
Pin Number:  JT854
 (Password for IXL is your ID Number)
(Password is Crayfish1) 

Last Modified on January 22, 2016