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Dear Lancaster High School Parents and Students:

It is the time of year for New Year’s resolutions.  In education, we make them in an attempt to improve our practice.  We set goals and do everything in our power to help students achieve academic success and personal happiness.  I can personally assure all of our families that in this New Year, we will do everything in our power to assist Lancaster High School students in pursuing their academic goals and achieving success in whatever their school interests might be.  As we begin 2015, I would like to highlight some of the recent endeavors Lancaster High School has undertaken to accomplish our goals.

In the area of academics, we continue to assess whether our students are college and career ready through various data sources.  Teachers are working to improve their practice through trainings, incorporating student data analysis into their lesson planning to enhance instruction. Many teachers are adding mid-term exams to January exam week to offer another means to assess student progress towards their academic goals.  After analyzing that data we formulate plans, if needed, to close any gaps.

We are scrutinizing our academic programs to make changes and improve, continuing to educate students on balance and variety. Seniors are in the middle of future decisions and counselors are busy helping with post-graduation plans.  For returning students, the scheduling season for next year is upon us and your son or daughter will be making decisions about course offerings in the coming months.  Please watch the counseling website for information and we implore you to be a part of your child’s future educational decisions.

Improving communication with parents and families is a major goal of the administrative team.  Hopefully you have visited the Lancaster High School website recently. Teachers are continuously working to improve their websites based on parent input.  We are trying to increase the information presented and make it more easily accessible.  Also on that page is our twitter feed which will have pictures and news of recent events here at school.  Our next Parent/Principal forum is on Wednesday January 14th at 7:00 in the conference room and we would welcome your attendance.  If you can’t attend, please email them at the email listed on the Parent Information Group link under Our School with concerns.

I’m sure you have noticed many of the fundraisers that have been carried out here at school. As always, clubs and organizations demonstrate dedication and community outreach as students and advisors donate their time and energy to help people who are less fortunate.  The winter sports season is off to a very successful start. Lancaster continues to field some of the most accomplished and successful sports teams in the area, demonstrated by student athletes receiving scholarship offers from prestigious universities. I appreciate all of the support I have seen parents and community members give to our student athletes. In the area of music, I’m sure many of you have enjoyed hearing band, orchestra, and chorus students in action during their holiday concerts. The quality of the music at these events continues to be a reflection of the skill and dedication of both the students and the teachers in the Lancaster music program. The multitude of opportunities available to students is a huge testament to this community and its undying support for education.

The beginning of a New Year is always a time to reflect and set goals.  However, it is also time to appreciate what we know to be good and positive. On behalf of the staff, I would like to wish all of our families a wonderful New Year.


Cesar Marchioli