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Dear parents/guardians and students,

It has taken a long time but it finally feels like summer is on its way.  The years certainly go by fast as many of our seniors can attest.  The last two months of the school year for High Schools provides excitement for students, staff and parents.  Award Ceremonies, Academy Graduations, and Final Performances highlight the calendars of May and June, culminating with Graduation on June 24th. It is very exciting!

We have a record number of students attempting Advanced Placement exams and we certainly wish all those students success on these exams.  Thank you to all of the teachers who have put in extra time to review with your students to help them prepare as best they could.  The same will be said for final exams in June as reviews will be going on until the last day of classes.  We ask all parents to make sure your children are as prepared for exams as possible as they are very important for their future.

The School Budget vote is set for May 17th at the High School from 7:00am until 9:00pm. The proposed budget tries to balance fiscal responsibility with sound educational philosophy.  There are two board of education seats open as well.  The most prominent component of American democracy is our constitutional right to vote and I implore you to execute yours on May 17th.

On the student front, new leaders in various organizations will be elected. Plans are in place for the end of year social events. Before we know it graduation will be here. Please advise your senior to attend school each and every day until graduation. Springtime for all students is a time to exhibit care and intelligence. Very simply, all students need to be smart, be careful, and make sound and wise decisions as they approach school, the prom, and other activities. Be extra careful when any of these activities are combined with driving or being a passenger in a car.  Activities are planned by our SADD group to promote positive decision making so please take part.  We have worked very hard to make sure the prom will be affordable, safe and fun. Parents, please continue to team with us and talk to your son or daughter about making good choices in the coming months.

As we enter the last two months of the school year, I will turn my attention to the Class of 2016. The students in this class have impressed all of us by their skills and maturity. I have watched them progress during my experiences as an administrator here at Lancaster High School. The community has felt their impact directly due to many of the charitable causes taken on by these young ladies and gentlemen. Their academic achievements certainly have been documented and are to be noted.  Class of 2016, please accept my sincere and genuine congratulations on your pending graduation.   

It is always bittersweet for me to see the school year coming to a close.  Thank you all for what you do to make Lancaster High School a respected institution.   As always, I feel very fortunate to be the leader of this wonderful school community.

Mr. Marchioli