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    Library Rules  

    Library Rules

    Inquire or ask
    Be Respectful
    Always Walk
    Return books to their proper places
    Your Manners are Appreciated




    If you click the ebooks picture above you will be able to see our entire collection of ebooks.  


     The image above will take you to a website where you can make your own trading cards. 
    World Book Encyclopedia
    Click the World Book Kids picture above to get into the encyclopedia.


   has live cameras all over the world showing videos of animals in many different environments.  


    Make a snowflake online
    With Make-a-Flkae you can create your own snowflkae online. 



    Pebble Go is a non-fiction website with information on animals, science, biographies, and social studies.  

     Brain Pop Jr. uses cartoon characters Annie and her robot friend Moby to talk about many non-fiction topics. 
    Magic Tree House
    If you click the picture above you will go to THe Magic Tree House homepage, you can see parts of all of the books in the series by Mary Pope Osbourne.  


    Fvs NF
    The picture above will take you to a short quiz about fiction versus non-fiction.  


    If you click the picture above you will go to several typing games to help you understand computer keyboards. 

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    Walter Wick
Last Modified on February 5, 2018