1.      Type <IMG SRC=“?”> where you want to insert a photographic image, replace the ? with the file name you want to use.


    OPTIONS – You can use the following codes to make changes to the picture you are adding.


    2.      Within the <IMG SRC=“?”> tag, type WIDTH= “?” replacing ? with the width value you want  to use for the size of the window. The “?” is a measurement in pixels the larger the number the larger the image.


    3.      Within the <IMG SRC=“?”> tag, type BORDER=”5” to add a border to the image.


    4.      Within the <IMG SRC=“?”> tag, type TITLE=”?” replacing ? with the title of the image.


    5.      Within the <IMG SRC=“?”> tag, type ALIGN=”?” replacing the ? with either LEFT or RIGHT. In order to center the image you would have to type <CENTER> in front of the <IMG SRC=“?”> tag and the type </CENTER> after the <IMG SRC=“?”> tag.


    For example:

    <IMG SRC="dog.jpg” WIDTH=”300” BORDER=”5” TITLE=”My Dog” ALIGN=”right”>


    <CENTER><IMG SRC="dog.jpg” WIDTH=”300” BORDER=”5” TITLE=”My Dog”></CENTER>

Last Modified on March 24, 2014