1.      Add a new line where you want the marquee to appear and type <MARQUEE followed by a space.

    2.      Type BEHAVIOR=“?”, replacing ? with the scrolling behavior you want to assign (SCROLL, SLIDE, or ALTERNATE).


    Note: the behavior you choose determines which attributes you need to include.


    3.      Type a space, and then DIRECTION=“LEFT” or DIRECTION=“RIGHT”.


    4.      Type a space and type LOOP=“?” replacing ? with the number of times you want the message to loop, or type INFINITE to loop indefinitely.


    5.      Type a space, and then SCROLLAMOUNT=“?”, replacing ? with the number of pixels you want to move at a time.

    * This number controls the speed of the message.


    6.      Type a space, and then SCROLLDELAY=“?”>, replacing ? with the number of milliseconds you want to elapse before the message repeats the scrolling effect.


    7.      Type the marquee text.


    You can add formatting tags to the text, as needed.


    8.      Type </MARQUEE>





    <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=”scroll” DIRECTION=”left” LOOP=”infinite” SCROLLAMOUNT=”3” SCROLLDELAY=”3” >Your text goes here!</MARQUEE>

Last Modified on March 24, 2014