The Social Studies Department at Lancaster High School is proud to provide our motivated students with the opportunity to earn the equivalent of at least 12 college credits upon completion of all AP courses offered at LHS.


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    2509             Grade 9                      1 credit

    AP World History is a college level course that extends over two years. This course develops a greater understanding of the evolution of global processes and the contacts in interaction with different types of human societies from the earliest human societies to the present. This course is designed for college bound students who are highly motivated in Social Studies. Students should have high academic standing and exhibit strong reading, writing and comprehension skills. College level readings, major written assignments, projects including a mandatory summer reading project will all be emphasized.  Students will be given a local exam at the end of the year that mirrors the state and AP requirements for this course. Successful completion of this course prepares students for AP World History in 10th grade.

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    2309       Grade 9                 1 credit            

    Global Studies I provides for a chronological study of the world from prehistoric times to approximately 1750.  It emphasizes physical settings, cultural development and interdependence.  The final is a school-generated exam.  The second half of this course, Global Studies II, continues in Grade 10, concluding with a State Regents exam, the passing of which is required for graduation.  
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    2510       Grade 10                       1  credit             
    Recommendation:   Successful completion of Advanced World History 9 Honors

    AP World History is a college level course that extends over two years. This course develops a greater understanding of the evolution of global processes and the contacts in interaction with different types of human societies from the earliest human societies to the present. AP World History is designed for college bound students who are highly motivated in Social Studies. Students should have high academic standing and exhibit strong reading, writing and comprehension skills. College level readings, major written assignments and projects will all be emphasized. This course prepares students for the AP World History Exam that will be offered in the spring. Students will also be required to take the New York State Regents Exam for Global History and Geography that will be given in June during exam week.

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    2310      Grade 10                  1 credit        
    A chronological study of the units of Global History which include the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, South/Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Russia/Eastern Europe, China and Japan. Global History 10 will examine the period from 1750 to the present. Topics within this time period will include physical and historical setting; dynamics of change; contemporary nations and cultures; economic development; and the areas within the global context. The course will culminate with the New York State Comprehensive Regents exam in June.
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    2411                 Grade 11,12         1 credit     
    Recommendation:   Global II average of 90% and recommendation from Global teacher.
    This course is for highly motivated and dedicated students and will make demands on them similar to those of an introductory college course.  The history of the United States is presented in chronological fashion with particular attention paid to significance and varying interpretation of events.  Students will use a college level text and learn study and research skills necessary for success in college.  Extensive summer reading and outside research are required.  AP exam given in May and the Regents exam in June.
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    2311       Grade 11          1 credit     
    A chronological survey starting with the development of the British colonies in America and leading up to the present.  Emphasis is placed on the structure of the American government, economic development after the Civil War, and international relations.  Regents exam is taken in June.
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    2026            Grade 12              1/2 credit            
    Recommendation:   Regents or AP American History and/or teacher recommendation
    American Government & Politics is designed for the highly motivated student and is the equivalent of a college entry level course. College level textbooks, readings and resources will be used. The course replaces the state mandated Participation in Government course normally required for graduation. This course focuses on a variety of current topics in U.S. government. They include changing American demographics, voter participation, the media, political parties, interest groups & PAC’s, the powers designated to each branch of government, the bureaucracy, the constitution, federalism and civil rights.  The AP exam is offered for this course in May. A school-prepared final exam will be given in January.
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    2027            Grade 12          1/2 credit             
    Recommendation:   Regents or AP American History and/or teacher recommendation
    Macroeconomics is designed for the highly motivated student and is equivalent to a college level introductory course.  College level textbooks, readings and resources will be used.  This special honors program replaces the state mandated Economics course normally required for graduation.  The course analyzes changes in aggregate supply and demand, the role of government in the economy, and the impact of foreign trade.  Outside research and class presentations are required.  AP exam offered in in May, and school-prepared exam is  given at the end of the semester.
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    2023      Grade 12            1/2 credit      
    This one-semester course in micro- and macro-economics provides an understanding of the principles of economics and how they apply to various elements of the economy, including consumers, business, labor and the government.  Comparisons of competing economic systems and major components of the global economy will be made.  In addition, students will compete with other schools in a stock market simulation.  A local final exam is given at the end of the course.  This course is a graduation requirement per New York State.
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    2012         Grade  12             1/2  credit          
    Focus is current national and international problems affecting the United States.   Discussion is directed toward conflicting opinions on these issues and possible resolution of disagreement.  Much emphasis on daily current events.  Reports required on daily news topics and also broader issues based on media center research.  Final exam is a school exam. 
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    2029         Grade 11, 12          1 credit     
    Recommendation:   Overall average of 90% or higher. 
    The course work is rigorous, with high expectations regarding student commitment and motivation.  Students who have a history of attendance issues are discouraged from registering for this course.  Students will be required to master psychology concepts and vocabulary terms.  Course work includes outside reading from the college level textbook, upper- level writing, and projects with deadlines, which will count as test grades.  Enrichment activities include guest speakers, debates, videos and presentations.  Students will also be given the opportunity to earn college credit in May with the AP exam.
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    2030        1/2 credit          Grade 11, 12

    This course offers an examination of causes, effects, and possible solutions to crime in the United States. Debates, guest speakers, a mock trial, and a field trip are used to offer real-world examples of the problems facing the criminal justice system and society in America today.

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    1416         Grade 12              1 credit               
    This one-credit course is project-based, with students utilizing a project-planning model to make a positive difference in the school and community.  Students will exhibit responsibility, perseverance, respect and integrity while working as teams to set goals, design timelines, write proposals, create publicity, evaluate outcomes and write final reports.

    Leadership in Action students work in teams and complete one major project per quarter.  Examples of past projects include:

    • Lancaster-Depew Week and Spirit Week activities such as the Bonfire, Motorcade, Spirit Assemblies, Powder Puff Game, Homecoming Dance, Spirit Bowl, Mr. Lancaster, Building Decorations, etc.
    • Social activities such as the Courtyard Dance, Freshman Mixer, Spring Courtyard Dance, Prom, Homecoming, etc.
    • Holiday projects such as Jingle Links, Cookie Marathon, Coloring Contest, Holiday Food Drive, Santa Grams, Christmas Tree Contest, Building Decorations, etc.
    • Senior Class projects such as Red Cross Blood Drives, Senior Mural, Senior Dinner Dance, Senior Apparel Sale, Senior Day, Senior Recognition Program, etc.
    • Community service projects such as Group Home Socials, Food Drives, US Troop Support Program, Project Clean Your Locker, Lancaster Youth Bureau Holiday Distribution, etc.
    • School service projects such as Freshman Orientation, 8th Grade Information Night, Recycling, and Appreciation Luncheons for various LCSD employee groups, Class Mural Revitalization, SOAR, etc.

    Students must complete assignments outside of class time as a component of their quarterly grade.  During each quarter, students must complete 15 school and 10 community service hours.

    Goals of the Course

    • To further develop and enhance your leadership skills
    • To learn and grow through experience
    • To foster the development of life-long community servants
    • To help you discover your passion
    • To make a positive impact on your school and community
    • To successfully develop projects in a small group setting
    • To understand and utilize a Project Planning Model
    • To help you practice creative problem solving methods
    • To give you the opportunity to work with different individuals in a small group
    • To cultivate your communication and listening skills
    • To carry on traditional LHS events/programs
    • To develop and institute new programs which meet the needs of LHS students, our school, and or community.

    Over the years the Leadership in Action class has become a very active and high profile class, but it should be noted that it also places students in high-stress situations that demand much time and effort as well as constant commitment.  This course will be rewarding to those who enjoy a mental, emotional and physical challenge.  It may be too stressful for those students who would like to enjoy a relaxing senior year. 

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