A unique leadership learning experience

    The Lancaster Leadership Academy is an exciting Academy at Lancaster High School designed to provide students with coursework and other educational experiences that will enhance their leadership skills.  These experiences will enable them to become highly successful in college, in their chosen career and in future community involvement.

    The focus of the Leadership Academy will be to develop individual student leaders in the areas of responsible citizenship, communication, goal setting, group processes, as well as business, organizational and managerial skills.  Students in this Academy will be required to take an active role both in the high school and the greater Lancaster community.

    LLA History

    The Leadership Academy was first dreamed up by a small group of teachers at Lancaster High School in 2007.  These teachers and Academy Directors used the Leadership in Action class curriculum and the National Association of Student Councils (NASC) Certified (Distinguished) Leaders Program as a basis for the overall direction of the Academy developed the overall curriculum.  To date and to our knowledge, the Lancaster Leadership Academy is the only High School based Academy program in the country with a 3 year curriculum focused on student leadership development.  We are constantly growing and developing.

     Lancaster Leadership Academy Mission

    The purpose of the Lancaster High School Leadership Academy is to provide a structured learning environment that will allow (help develop) student leaders to (who will) make a positive impact on our school’s climate and our community as well as to enhance those skills necessary for them (our students) to become active, productive citizens.

    Leadership Academy students must complete a five-credit sequence over the course of their sophomore, junior and senior years with a cohort group of students in their grade.  Candidates for this Academy should be positive, highly self-motivated individuals who are willing to take risks and who are willing to put in the time necessary to make a positive difference for others.

     Complementary Courses

    To complete the Leadership Academy credit sequence, Academy students must choose an additional 1 credit from a selection of complementary coursework in other departments.  Acceptable courses are listed below but students may request optional courses on a case by case basis.  These courses have been chosen because they augment the work done in the core Academy courses. One additional credit is utilized as to not overwhelm the student’s choice of elective courses throughout their high school experience.

    • Keyboarding/Google Docs (.5 credit)
    • MOS Word & PowerPoint (.5 credit)
    • MOS Excel (.5 credit)
    • Communication Systems (1 credit)
    • Keyboarding & Word (.5 credit)
    • Journalism I and/or II (.5 credit each)
    • Public Speaking (.5 credit)
    • Computer Graphics I and/or II (.5 credit each)
    • Psychology(AP) (1 credit)
    • Community Service Credit (.5 credit) – students may earn .5 credit upon completion of an additional 90 hours of documented community service

    Why be a part of leadership?”

      As a member of the Leadership Academy:

    You will develop skills for success in college, career & life:
    •  Communication
    • Time management
    • Problem solving
    • Teamwork
    • Commitment
    • Organization
    • Self-discipline
    • Responsibility
    • Risk-taking
    • Stress management
    • Goal setting
    • Conflict resolution
    • Meeting management
    • Professional writing skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Public speaking
    • Community service
    • Evaluation

     Experience an Internship Program where you will interact with adult leaders in the community that will lead to valuable on-site leadership experiences and future networking opportunities

     For the community, you will:

    • Provide the Lancaster community with positive, responsible, productive citizens to accept leadership roles in various capacities
    • Develop active youth participation in community programs through the service-learning component
    • Promote interaction with community partners who hold leadership positions in government, business and civic organizations, as well as educational institutions, through the Internship component
    • Enhance pride and respect between high school students and community


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    1325            Grade 10              1 credit              

    This one-credit course will challenge students to develop speaking, listening and writing skills in order to become successful leaders.  Students will expand upon their prior character education experiences by examining and adopting the qualities and characteristics of successful leaders.  Students will develop and exhibit time management, organizational and managerial skills, personal growth, strategies for professional interaction with others, as well as goal-setting techniques. 

    Classroom experiences will include but not be limited to journal writing, speeches, role-plays and written tasks such as interviews, telephone communication, explaining instructions, and interpersonal exchanges.  Students will make periodic contributions to their Leadership Portfolios.

    Students must complete assignments outside of class time as a component of their quarterly grade. 

         1st & 2nd quarters: Attend two meetings of LHS clubs/organizations & take notes, and

                                     Complete 5 school service hours each quarter

         3rd & 4th quarters: Attend two meetings of LHS clubs/organizations & take notes, and

                                     Complete 5 school & 5 community service hours each quarter

     This introductory course of the Leadership Academy will provide an opportunity for the students to develop both intrapersonal and interpersonal speaking, listening and writing skills necessary to develop a solid leadership foundation.  Students will engage in experimental learning exercises such as small group projects as well as a more traditional strand through written reflections and audio-visual presentations.  Active school involvement and service learning hours are required.

    Sample objectives of this course:

    • Initiation of the Distinguished Leaders Program
    • Internship Preparation
    • “Colors” Personality Test
    • Leadership Book Review and Presentation
    • Song Lyrics Project
    • Reflection Journals
    • Teen Power and Beyond Book Project
    • Murder Mystery
    • Good Person Presentations at District Elementary Schools
    • Freshman Seminar Presentations
    • FOSTER – Exceptional Conversation Skills
    • Community and School Service Hours and Reflection
    • Book Project – Historical Leaders     
    • Book Project – Children’s
    • Icebreakers              
    • Bank Robbery          
    • Class Direction         
    • Know it All              
    • Individual Quilt Pieces
    • Mind Tools Individual Project                    
    • Mind Tools Group Project                        
    • Who I Think the Leaders are in My School   
    • Who I Think the Leaders are in My Class                       
    • 50 Things      
    • Success for Teens Workbook
    • Time Management Strategies          
    • Grade Criteria         
    • Lost on the Moon     
    • Teen Power Book Work
    • Paper Plate Awards
    • Big Rocks
    • Guest Speakers
    • Banners Project
    • Character in the Movies
    • Robert’s Rules of Order        
    • Who Do I See to Get What Done
    • Build a Leader
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    30               Grade 11              1 credit           

    In this one-credit course, students will develop and expand effective group process techniques and business and marketing skills.  The class will explore topics such as motivating others, goal setting, group process, problem solving, conflict resolution, marketing strategies, meeting structures, etc.  Classroom experiences will include but not be limited to journal writing, oral presentations, role-plays and written tasks related to the topics above. 

    Students must complete assignments outside of class time as a component of their quarterly grade.  During each quarter, students must:

    • Attend two meetings of LHS clubs/organizations & take notes
    • Complete 10 school and 10 community service hours

    This course will introduce students to the project-planning model with steps such as goal setting, proposals, objective charts, and evaluations.  Student work is a mixture of traditional writing including a major book review, group project planning and implementation, as well as involvement in the planning of the annual Leadership Academy Junior Class Trip.  Active school involvement and service learning hours are required.

    By the completion of the course the students will have completed all parts of the NASC Distinguished Leaders Program and will have submitted it for review to the NASC National Office in Washington D.C.

    NASC Distinguished Leader Program

    Students in the Leadership Academy complete the NASC Distinguished Leaders Program throughout their sophomore and Junior years through their Academy Classes.  The topics are broken up as outlined below and augment the curriculum for each class.  At the conclusion of their junior year the students meet with the Academy Directors and present their application.  The applications are reviewed and the shipped to NASC in Reston, VA for submission.  Over the past 5 years over 75 students in the leadership Academy have earned the designation as a NASC Distinguished Leader.  The work for this project is completed within the class, as homework assignments, and through the student’s volunteer hours, Academy meeting procedures, and projects that they work on within small groups throughout the sophomore and Junior years. 

    We structure the program so that the students will receive the designation in time to place it on their college and scholarship applications.

     Sample objectives of this course:

    • Completion of the Distinguished Leaders Program
    • Internship Preparation
    • Introduction of the Project Planning Model
    • Leadership Book Review and Presentation
    • Plan and Facilitate Leadership Academy General Meetings
    • Reflection Journals
    • YES Leadership Program Preparation
    • FOSTER – Exceptional Conversation Skills
    • Goal Setting
    • Objective Charts
    • Proposal Writing
    • Good Person Presentations at District Elementary Schools
    • Community and School Service Hours and Reflection
    • Song Project
    • Class Direction/Grade Criteria                 
    • Who I Think the Leaders are in My School
    • Who I Think the Leaders are in My Class
    • Who Do I See to Get What Done
    • Life Works 101                          
    • 10 Commandments of Leadership    
    • 10 Commandments of Poster Making
    • YES Leadership Preparation Project  
    • Robert’s Rules of Order                 
    • LHS Administration Forms Packet     
    • Phone Calls                                
    • Lancaster Gives Back
    • Public Speaking                  
    • Mentoring Program                      
    • Bullying Program                          
    • Evaluations                                 
    • Thank You Notes                         
    • Character in the Movies                
    • Guest Speakers        
    • Resume Preparation                      
    • School and Community Hours          
    • Disney Trip Preparation Project                 
    • Digital Communication Etiquette      
    • Proper Dress Rules/Social Etiquette
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    1416         Grade 12              1 credit               
    This one-credit course is project-based, with students utilizing a project-planning model to make a positive difference in the school and community.  Students will exhibit responsibility, perseverance, respect and integrity while working as teams to set goals, design timelines, write proposals, create publicity, evaluate outcomes and write final reports.

    Leadership in Action students work in teams and complete one major project per quarter.  Examples of past projects include:

    • Lancaster-Depew Week and Spirit Week activities such as the Bonfire, Motorcade, Spirit Assemblies, Powder Puff Game, Homecoming Dance, Spirit Bowl, Mr. Lancaster, Building Decorations, etc.
    • Social activities such as the Courtyard Dance, Freshman Mixer, Spring Courtyard Dance, Prom, Homecoming, etc.
    • Holiday projects such as Jingle Links, Cookie Marathon, Coloring Contest, Holiday Food Drive, Santa Grams, Christmas Tree Contest, Building Decorations, etc.
    • Senior Class projects such as Red Cross Blood Drives, Senior Mural, Senior Dinner Dance, Senior Apparel Sale, Senior Day, Senior Recognition Program, etc.
    • Community service projects such as Group Home Socials, Food Drives, US Troop Support Program, Project Clean Your Locker, Lancaster Youth Bureau Holiday Distribution, etc.
    • School service projects such as Freshman Orientation, 8th Grade Information Night, Recycling, and Appreciation Luncheons for various LCSD employee groups, Class Mural Revitalization, SOAR, etc.

    Students must complete assignments outside of class time as a component of their quarterly grade.  During each quarter, students must complete 15 school and 10 community service hours.

    Goals of the Course

    • To further develop and enhance your leadership skills
    • To learn and grow through experience
    • To foster the development of life-long community servants
    • To help you discover your passion
    • To make a positive impact on your school and community
    • To successfully develop projects in a small group setting
    • To understand and utilize a Project Planning Model
    • To help you practice creative problem solving methods
    • To give you the opportunity to work with different individuals in a small group
    • To cultivate your communication and listening skills
    • To carry on traditional LHS events/programs
    • To develop and institute new programs which meet the needs of LHS students, our school, and or community.

    Over the years the Leadership in Action class has become a very active and high profile class, but it should be noted that it also places students in high-stress situations that demand much time and effort as well as constant commitment.  This course will be rewarding to those who enjoy a mental, emotional and physical challenge.  It may be too stressful for those students who would like to enjoy a relaxing senior year. 

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    9050         Grade 11 Spring, 11/12 Summer or 12 Fall                    1/2 credit          
    Prerequisites: Students must have their own transportation to and from the mentor’s job site (Not all internship locations are located in Lancaster, NY.)   Students must understand that this is a time commitment and therefore schedules need to be considered prior to registering.

    The Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP) is designed to give students hands-on experience in a career field of their choice. It also includes classroom learning on important workplace topics, such as resume preparation and effective interviewing techniques, teamwork, projecting a professional image, career research and experience connections. Students are assisted with the placement of an internship working with an employer at a job site. This experience allows students the opportunity to work with people within a similar career field of their interests and could possibly lead to future job opportunities.

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