An Academy is a small learning community wherein students work together with other students, teachers, community and business leaders toward common career and post-secondary goals.  An Academy places students into small cohorts to build strong relationships with structured curriculum over a 3-year period to include an appropriate integration of core subjects together with career focused courses that include practical experiences, college preparation and professional mentorship.  Teachers, administrators and counselors work in collaboration with local businesses, community leaders and higher education to ensure all coursework provides relevant and rigorous content with practical application and assessment.

     Options for 9th graders

    LHS is proud to provide our students with a wide variety of career-themed academies to increase college readiness, improve career aspirations, and engage students in learning.  In January of ninth grade, students may apply to ONE of the following Academies:


                   Entrance requirements for Project Lead the Way differ from the remaining Academies.  There is no application process for admission into PLTW.  Enrollment is based upon meeting academic standards and prerequisites, including a minimum average in Math.  To continue in PLTW from year to year, students must earn credit for previous PLTW coursework.

     For more information, visit www.lancasterschools.org/academies


    Common Goals

    Each Academy within Lancaster High School provides a clearly defined mission with specific curriculum that addresses these basic student achievement needs:


    •          College readiness
    •          Career path identification and preparation
    •          Practical experiences that enhance classroom learning through integrated curriculum
    •          An organized advisory board consisting of community leaders and representatives from local business and higher education
    •          Professional development plan for teachers, counselors and administrators

     Equal Opportunity for All Students

    All LHS Academies provide a common application process for all interested 9th grade students.  Previous coursework is not considered when making application to an Academy.



    •          Demonstrate a commitment to the Academy with parental acknowledgement
    •          Obtain three teacher recommendations
    •          Write an Academy-specific entrance essay or other writing sample



    •          Complete all Academy-defined curriculum including but not limited to coursework, community service, project-based learning and internship completion
    •          Maintain academic eligibility with commitment to continual academic improvement
    •          Meet all attendance requirements
    •          Demonstrate acceptable behavior at all times
Last Modified on January 25, 2018