• Students will be graded using the following criteria:

    Participation and effort are very important to me and to the success of your child.  I promote a very warm yet energetic environment so students will be engaged and motivated throughout every lesson.
    Students will typically have several different skills assessments each marking period.  Students will be assessed throughout the unit and the final skill assessment during the last week of instruction when students participate in a more "authentic" environment (culminating activity/game).  The skills I teach are both age and developmentally appropriate.   
    Preparedness every class is critical in the development of the skills being taught.  Students will lose points off their marking period average for every class they are unprepared.
    Students are encouraged to come to P.E. with a positive attitude.  I expect all students to respect individual differences and abilities.  Please make sure your child has a pair of "athletic" style sneakers...preferably ones that tie and are designed for running.  Certain "fashion" sneakers are considered unsafe for physical education/physical activity due to the design...
    A written assessment may occur during certain units of instruction for third graders.
Last Modified on September 1, 2016