• Classroom Expectations
    • Students should be on time and prepared for class  on a daily basis. What is needed for class? A 3 tab folder with paper a pencil or pen, and all supporting class handouts, worksheets, and homework assignments.on a daily basis.
    • Students should participate on a daily basis. Participation examples include, but are not limited to, asking questions, answering questions, working well with others, helping others, cleaning up after themselves, etc...
    • Students should be courteous and respectful of others. Disruptive, distracting, and disrespectful behaviors WILL NOT be tolerated!
    • Students should work in a safe manner at all times. This means they must follow all lab and machine safety protocol. If the instructor feels the student is a safety concern to themselves or others, the instructor has the right to remove the student from the lab area and assign the student a supplemental written assignment.
    • Students should TRY  their best! Technology Education is a state mandated course that all intermediate level students must take. The instructor encourages students to work hard and produce the best product that they can using the skills learned in class.


          Students will be assessed on the following items. Each item includes a weight related to its relationship to the class.
    •    Homework / Classwork  - 20%
    •    Tests and Quizzes - 20%
    •    Projects - 60%   
Last Modified on September 6, 2015