• First Grade Sight Words
    (Word Wall Words)
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    Sight words, which are also called high frequency words, are words that your child needs to memorize by sight.  These are words that your child can read instantaneously, without the use of decoding strategies.  Sight words make up a large percentage of the words used in beginning reading material. Therefore, having a solid foundation in sight words allows your child to read without having to stop and decode every single word he/she encounters. In turn, your child will be able to focus on the meaning of the text. 

    Each week, there are new sight words listed at the top of the homework packet.  In our room we refer to them as word wall words because these sight words are found on a wall called "Our Word Wall"  in the classroom.  These are words that we will be using on a weekly basis throughout our reading program.  Your child does not need to know how to spell these words, just to read them automatically.  However, you will find that some of these word wall words will eventually be spelling words later in the school year.  Not only will these words be used daily in our reading, but they will also be used daily in our writing.  That is why it is very important for yoour child to be familiar with these words so that he/she can refer to them on the word wall during writing tasks throughout the day. Click here for a complete list of the sight words (also know as word wall words) for the year.
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