• Speech and Language Apps


    Social Skills


    iConversation ,Conversation Builder

    to help elementary aged children learn how to have multi-exchange conversations with their peers in a variety of social settings


    Going Places

    Model Me Kids, Videos for Modeling Social Skills


    Between the Lines, Level 1

    For targeting social-language tasks including perspective-taking, body language, facial expressions, understanding common expressions, auditory processing, and interpreting vocal intonation



    from Grasshopperapps - recognizing emotions and learning vocabulary of emotion



    U, Sentence Builder

    help children learn how to build grammatically correct sentences, especially connector words.


    Mad Libs

    use parts of speech to complete stories



    (like mad libs)


    Grammar Pop

    Label words in sentences by their parts of speech


    Speak Colors

    Very basic sentence formulation and color reinforcement


    ICanWrite 1, 2, and 3 

    Practice for sentence formulation and concepts (colors, clothing, animals, spatial concepts, holidays, calendar skills







    Word to Word Associations 

    match words that are associated


    Homophones Lite 

    work on homophones, words that sound alike, although they have different spellings and meanings


    Following Directions/language skills

    My PlayHome: Interactive home setting

    student scan name things, follow directions to move items, etc


    My PlayHome Stores

    Same as above, but store settings - kids love these apps!


    Reading Comprehension, Fable Edition

    For upper elementary level students to practice comprehension skills. Short fables, followed by questions.


    iLanguage, Language Builder 

    Builds receptive and expressive language skills with auditory feedback


    Early Phonics

    Endless Reader: An introduction to "sight words" most commonly used in written English


    Articulation/Sound Productions


    Speech Tutor

    Gives visual and auditory cues to specific phoneme production


    Articulation Station

    The first sound"p" is free. Then parents can purchase their child's target sound for $.99-$4.99. (Sounds with blends are more expensive).



    iSequences: Either place 3-4 images in the correct order or choose a picture from choice of 3 to complete a sequence. Good for receptive language (do they understand what is happening in pictures) and expressive language (can they give a concise, grammatically correct account of a story).


    Classroom management/speech volume

    Decibel 10th: sound meter gives visual feedback for noise levels


    Motivating Games

    Build A Train