Grading Policy


    Third grade marks the beginning of many new and exciting expectations.  Below you will find various ways your child will be assessed this year.


    1.      STANDARDS BASED REPORT CARDS: We have an excellent communication tool to use this year.  The following rubrics will be used to assess your child’s skills and their overall academic achievement in a particular subject.  We will also communicate the characteristics of a successful learner by sharing your child’s social growth and work habits each marking quarter.


    Academic Achievement:


    Student exceeds grade level standards for this marking period.


    Student shows proficiency in grade level standards for this marking period.


    Student is approaching grade level standards for this marking period.


    Student is performing below grade level standards for this marking period.



    Skill Performance:



    The student consistently and independently applies the skill beyond standards for this marking period.



    The student consistently demonstrates an understanding of the skill and can apply with guidance or support.



    The student has difficulty applying the skill and requires frequent teacher intervention and support.


    X- Not evaluated.



    Language Arts (reading, writing (spelling embedded), listening and speaking)
    Social Studies


    ü All academic areas will get an achievement grade of 1, 2, 3 or 4. 

    ü Under each subject skills will be assessed based on an N, D, or S.  

    ü Special Area teachers will also have section to show your child’s growth.


    Example of The Standard Based Report Card:











    Effort and Attitude





    Represents and solves problems involving multiplication and division





    Understands the properties of multiplication





    Understands the relationship between multiplication and division





    Multiplies and divides within 100





    An X denotes we have not covered that skill specifically in that marking period.


    2.       HOMEWORK: 

    Homework is not graded but is checked over.  If the student needs to make corrections those will be done in school with the teacher’s assistance.  You may also notice written comments to help your child improve their work.   


    3.       TESTS AND QUIZZES:
    Tests and quizzes will be given to help assess academic growth. These grades will be available on the parent portal via e-school, as well as on the papers themselves when they are sent home. 


    4.       CLASS ACTIVITIES:

    Activities and projects that are done in school will either be graded or just checked.  The ones that are graded will be added to e-school and can be seen on the parent portal also.


    5.       ELA AND MATH TEST PREP:

    Test preparation is embedded into our daily curriculum and throughout the year our class will take practice tests to help prepare them for the April tests.  These practice tests are meant as a time to learn from our mistakes and share strategies. 


    6.       EFFORT:

    Effort and participation play a major role in your child’s success.  Your child’s effort and participation will be recorded on the report card.



    Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns with you child’s academics. 


    Como Park Telephone…686-3235 extension 2226