Fall Sports for current 6th graders
    Modified Football
    Modified Soccer, Boys
    Modified Soccer, Girls
    Modified Volleyball, Boys
    Modified Volleyball, Girls
    Modified Cross Country, Boys/Girls
    Modified Field Hockey
    Extramural Tennis, Girls
    Modified Cheerleading 
     The modified sports informational meeting for 6th graders will be held at
    William Street School
    on April 28, 2017 at 2:30 pm
    ONLINE Fall sports sign ups will be
    April 27, 2017
    May 4, 2017
     Go to : Lancasterschools.org           
             select school :  Lancaster Middle School               
                          select : Our School tab, then scroll down to : Health Office
                                   select :  Fall 2017 Sports Sign Ups
                                                   select :  CLICK HERE for sign up 
          All athletes are required to:
    • have a current physical.  This is a physical within 12 months of the the month in which the sport season starts.
    • complete IMPACT testing.  IMPACT TESTING is a computer-based assessment tool used as a baseline to compliment medical evaluation in the event of a possible concussion during interscholastic sports.  Most students will have their computer test during their physical education class in June of sixth grade.  The baseline test is good for two years and is re-administered every two years and after a known concussion to compare to the most recent baseline.
    • attend a Sport interview.  Specific sport interviews will take place in the Lancaster Middle School health office.  For Fall sports, interviews take place during the month of August.  Winter and Spring interviews take place when the student turns in their permission slip
     Tuesday 8/15/17 Hauser 11:00AM 8th Grade Modified Football
     Tuesday 8/15/17 Sinclair 12:00PM 7th Grade Modified Football
     Tuesday 8/15/17 Gembar 1:00 PM Modified Girls Volleyball
     Tuesday 8/15/17 Pavlovich 2:00 PM Modified Boys Volleyball
     Wednesday   8/16/17 Gibbs 11:00AM Modified Field Hockey
     Wednesday 8/16/17 TBD 11:30AM Modified Boys Soccer
     Wednesday 8/16/17 Paolella/Frey 12:00PM Modified Girls Soccer
     Wednesday 8/16/17 Czine 12:30PM Modified Boys/Girls Cross Country
     Wednesday 8/16/17 Seifert  1:00PM Modified Cheerleading
     Wednesday 8/16/17 Sullivan  1:30PM Extramural Tennis - Girls


Last Modified on May 5, 2017