• During the last week of each month every 2nd & 3rd grade

    Physical Education class will take part in a “ monthly marathon run.”  


    How We Do It: 

    We begin in September with a “2 Minute Marathon.” Students attempt to jog for 2 continuous minutes (without walking) to become members of September’s 2 Minute Marathon Club. Students jog at their own pace. If a student drops out, he/she will continue to participate as a walker. 


    Stamp Me, Please! 

    Successful students will receive a stamp next to their name on the class marathon chart.  Each month will be a new color and new design for the stamp.  Our goal is to get as many students to complete as many months as possible.
    September         2 minutes
    October                 3 minutes
    November          4 minutes
    December              5 minutes
    January                  6 minutes
    February               7 minutes
    March                     8 minutes
    April                       9 minutes
    May                        10 minutes