English and Language Arts

    7th Grade – White Team

    Mrs. Melissa Kamyab




    In this course you will learn the skills needed for success in expressing your thoughts and ideas, analyzing literature, and working with others. These include but are not limited to…

    Creative Writing

    The Writing Process

    Making Evidence-Based Claims

    Sentence and Paragraph Structure

    Essay Structure

    Literary Analysis

    Conferencing and Cooperative Learning

    Independent Reading

    Close Reading

    Materials Needed

    1 package loose-leaf paper

    1 binder with 5 divider tabs

    pens and pencils

    colored pencils (locker) 
    earbuds or headphones (locker)
    school agenda 

    1 package of index cards

    Recommended: pocket packs of tissues and mini hand sanitizer kept in your pencil pouch for personal use


    Grading Policy

    Assessments: 40%

    This includes all quizzes, tests, final writing pieces and projects
    Classwork and Homework: 50%

    Assignments done in class are graded for either correctness or effort


    Participation: 10%

    Graded daily - 1 pt. for being prepared and 1 pt. for being on task



    You will lose 20% per day on any assignment (classwork, homework, projects, essays, etc.) that is not turned in when it is due. Assignments that are reviewed in class cannot be turned in late.

    Classroom Expectations

    • Always be prepared for class with ALL of the materials listed on the board daily. These materials must be kept organized at all times.

    • Always follow directions on all assignments, and present all work neatly.

    • You may not leave the room unless you have your agenda to write passes in.

    • Be respectful of everyone and everything in the classroom at all times.

    • Always clean up after yourself.

    • Don’t get out of your seats until the bell rings.

    Absence Expectations

    It is completely understandable and acceptable for a student to be absent for any reason throughout the school year. However, a student needs to understand that he/she is 100% responsible for that absence in the following ways:

    • The day you return from an absence you must come see me in the morning either before or during homeroom to ask me what you missed and what you need to make up. At that time I will give you any missed work and a deadline for making it up.

      • If you see me before or during homeroom: I will give you the class participation points you missed on the days you were absent

      • If you see me after homeroom: You will lose the class participation points, however I will still allow you to make up any work you missed. You cans see me during lunch, during per 1 or per 2 SH, or during passing time for the missed work. You may not discuss missed work with me during class. You can find me in 101 most of the day, and in the Cafeteria period 2.

      • If you do not see me at all: I will not come to you. You will receive a 0% on any work you missed. This includes tests and quizzes.

    • If you would like to make up the work before you return from the absence, email me from home and I will tell you what to make up.

    Final Note

    I have very high expectations of my students, but that does not mean that I’m not understanding and flexible. If you have any problems or concerns throughout the year, please come talk to me. I’m willing to work with you, no matter what the issue is, in a fair manner. I have several students though, and it is sometimes difficult to know when one has an issue that we need to discuss. So, it is up to you to come to me. I’ll be happy to talk to you at any time.



Last Modified on February 6, 2018