• What is the main purpose of government?

    What document guarantees freedom of speech and the right to bear arms?

    Where are the rules for governing our country?

    To make laws and rules, and protect peoples’ rights

    Bill of Rights

    The Constitution

    What was the first plan of government in the USA?

    What is the capital of the USA?

    What symbol is commonly used for a Capital City on a map?

    The Articles of Confederation

    Washington D.C.

    A star

    What do we call a settlement far from the country that owns it?

    What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution?

    What branch of government makes laws?


    The Bill of Rights

    Legislative Branch

    What branch of government enforces laws?

    What branch of government interprets laws?

    Who heads the Executive branch, and is elected every four years?

    Executive Branch

    Judicial Branch

    The President

    What country explored and colonized Central America, Mexico, and South America?

    What can be added to change the Constitution?

    According to the Preamble, from where do governments get their power?


    An Amendment

    The People

    What is the highest court in the United States?

    What do we call money paid to help run the government?

    What was the major cause of the American Revolution?

    The US Supreme Court


    Taxation without representation

    What do we call a government where people have the power?

    What part of the Constitution tells the purposes of the Constitution?

    What do we call the first ten amendments to our Constitution?


    The Preamble

    Bill of Rights

    What is the term for goods brought into the country?

    What is the term for goods sent out of our country?

    What do we call people who move around in search of food or water?




    Why did early colonists settle the New England Colonies?

    What is the entire way of life of a group, including language, religion, and art?

    What is the term for someone who moves to another country to live?

    They were looking for Religious Freedom.



    What do we call the great exchange of goods between the East and West hemispheres?

    Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence, and a president?

    Who were the first Europeans in North America?

    Columbian Exchange

    Thomas Jefferson


    From where did the first Americans come?

    Why did the first Americans cross the land bridge from Asia?

    What do we call the change from hand tools to machinery?

    Asia (over the land bridge)

    They followed the megafauna!

    Industrial Revolution

    What continent includes Canada, and Mexico?

    Who was the first president of the United States?

    What do we call colonists who wanted to remain British during the American revolution?

    North America


    George Washington


    What do we call colonists who wanted independence from England?

    What do we call the imaginary line that circles the Earth and separates the Northern from the Southern hemisphere?

    What imaginary line measures zero degrees longitude?



    Prime Meridian

    What word means to treat differently based on race, age, or religion?

    Where did most early people settle?

    Is your Social Studies textbook a primary or secondary source?


    Close to rivers, streams, or lakes (Water)



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