• Welcome to 7 Blue Science

    Mrs. Jordan
    Room 156

    Topics Covered:

    •  Nature of Science
    •  Matter                                    
    • Energy
    •  Forces
    •   Motion
    • Sound

    Materials Needed:

    • Paper
    •  Pen/pencil                                                                              
    • 3 Ring Binder
    • Spiral Notebook OR Composition Book
    •  Colored Pencils


    Classroom Rules:

    1.      Follow the teacher’s instructions at all times.

    2.      Raise your hand to question and answer.

    3.      Treat others with respect at all times.

    4.      Bring all needed materials to class.

    Consequences for breaking classroom rules:

    1.      Verbal Warning

    2.      Conference with student

    3.      Phone call home

    4.      After school detention

    5.      Referral to office


    ·        Grades for individual assignments as well as the final grade, will be represented as a fraction:         Points Earned/Possible Points


    ·        All work that is turned in late will be penalized. The assignment will lose points each day it is late.  All missing work must be turned in at the conclusion of each chapter.


    ·         Students are expected to check your posted grades on a regular basis and turn in any missing assignments.


    ·        Parents may check grades using the Parent Portal.                                               



    ·         Students are to maintain an organized Science binder throughout the school year.   At the conclusion of each quarter, there will be a binder test based on organization.





    ·        When a student is absent it is their responsibility to make up all work that was done while they were out. 

    ·         When a student returns from an absence, they may pick up a“While You Were Out” sheet that was prepared for them.


    I am looking forward to a productive,exciting school year.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me through email or by phone:

    Email:  tjordan@lancasterschools.org           

    Phone:  686-3220
    •  If you would like to set up a parent-teacher conference, please contact the Counseling Center.
Last Modified on June 25, 2014