Speech Impairment Level of Service:

    ·        Services provided two or more times per week.

    ·        Therapy can be provided on a group and/or individual basis.

    ·        An IEP is prepared for the student with goals for the year.

    ·        A progress report is sent home quarterly. 

    ·        Student has an annual review each year that the child has an IEP.

    ·        The Student is classified and must qualify.



    Speech Improvement Level of Service;

    ·        Level of service is two times or less per week (direct/indirect).

    ·        Therapy provided in groups.

    ·        Progress reports are dependent upon building (1-3x per year).

    ·        No classification, supplemental service.

    ·        Student must have a need for service, however testing not necessary.

    ·        No IEP or annual review.  Recommendations for following year are provided.

    *** Speech Impaired students receive services from the start and end date specified on the IEP
    ***Speech improvement students receive services generally from mid september through the end of May