• Supplies:  Bring to class EVERY day

    • Pencils with erasers
    • More pencils with erasers!
    • Binder (Divided into five sections)
      • Problem of the Day (POD)
      • Class Notes
      • Homework
      • Tests/Quizzes
      • Extra Sheets
    • Scientific calculator (TI 30XIIS)
    • Homework
    • Agenda
    • Red or green or purple correcting pen


    Homework is ABSOLUTELY necessary for your success in this class.


    • Homework must have a proper heading (Whole name, date, class period, and assignment).
    • Homework will be posted on the weekly calendar in our classroom and on Mr. Smith's webpage at www.lancasterschools.org ® classrooms ® Mr. Smith.    
    • Homework must be neat, legible, DONE IN PENCIL, and completely attempted to earn full credit. (If done in pen, it will only receive partial credit)
    • Homework must be in class on the day it is due to earn full credit.  There will be NO locker passes!




    • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the homework assignment for that day.  You can check my website (see above)  


    Grade Distribution:


    • Your grade each quarter will be based on the following:
      • Homework (20%)
      • Classwork/Activities (20%)
      • Text/Quizzes (60%)


    After-School Help:


    • After-School help will be available two ways:

    1)     Ask us if we can stay after… if we don’t have a meeting or some other obligation, we will be more than happy to stay with you….. Just ask! 


    Or, if we are not available…


    2)    Homework Helpers (Tues.–Thurs.) is available to help students who are having difficulty with an assignment or topic.  Please let your parents know if you intend to stay after school for help.  (Late buses are provided.)


    Group Work Expectations:


    • There will be many times when you will be expected to work with a partner to practice what you have learned.  It is expected that you follow these guidelines:


    o   Be a team player

    o   Use “6-inch”voices during partner or group work

    o   Be responsible for you

    o   “Check 3” before you ask an adult:

    1.     Check your knowledge.

    2.     Check your notes.

    3.    Check your partner’s knowledge.



    Consequences for Misconduct:


    • If you choose not to follow the rules and meet the expectations that allow for you and your classmates to learn, the following actions may be taken depending on behavior:

    o   Non-Verbal warning

    o   Verbal warning

    o   Loss of privileges/rewards

    o   Detention with teacher with a phone call home to your parent/guardian

    o   Conference with you and your parent/guardian

    o   Referral to the principal



    Contacting Me:


    You may either contact us by phone or by e-mail. The phone number for our main office is 686-3220; you may leave a message and one of us will get back to you at our earliest availability.  My e-mail address is psmith@lancasterschools.org