• Course Requirements


    While every year is different, and certain projects and assignments change from year to year, there are certain core requirements that every student is expected to complete.


    *Read independently on a regular basis. Students must complete a written review of a book they have read independently every month. 


    *Maintain the independent reading log in this packet. By the end of the year, students must have at least 25 books logged (or the equivalent in longer books.)  This includes both independently read books and books read in school.


    *Maintain a well-organized writing folder.  This folder contains a variety of writing samples of different types and styles.  Some of these assignments are selected by Mr. Pierce; others are chosen by the student.


    *Maintain a well-organized ELA binder.  This binder has five sections; students receive numbered pages in class.  Binders are periodically checked for completeness by means of a binder quiz. 


    *Read a minimum of four novels as a class. Time permitting, we will also read other novels.  Books read as a class count towards the yearly 25-book requirement.


    *Maintain a writing journal.  We write in our journals at least once a week. Students are expected to select entries or ideas from their journal for revision.


    *Be responsible for weekly assignments. While homework varies from week to week depending on the unit, students are expected to complete a vocabulary packet and supply a vocabulary word of their own choice each week.


    Class Policies


    1. Homework: Homework must be completed in a timely fashion.  I accept assignments one day late for full credit; assignments more than one day late receive a zero.  Students should use the Homework Webline  and Mr. Pierce’s “Upcoming Assignments” page to ensure that all assignments are complete.
    2. Missed Homework: More than two incomplete homework assignments result in a detention, during which the missing assignments are completed.  Assignments completed during detention receive one-half of normal credit.
    3. Absences: Students who are ill or otherwise unavoidably absent will, of course, be permitted to make up the work they missed; such students should come and see me upon their return to school to collect make-up work.  If a student is likely to be absent for a prolonged period due to illness or family commitments, I will be more than happy to provide work; please contact the main office to let them know when the work will be picked up.
    4. Extensions: From time to time, a student simply does not have enough time to complete a project by the assigned date.  In such cases, the student may ask for an extension.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to approach me in advance and make me aware of the problem.  “I didn’t have time” will not be accepted as an excuse on the day the project is due.
    5. Late Projects: Unit projects and similar major assignments will lose 10 points per day late (unless the student has been given an extension.)  If a project is more than a week late, a detention will be scheduled in order to ensure that the project gets done.
    6. Plagiarism: Students are expected to provide proper attribution for any information taken from another source, be it a book or a website.  Students caught plagiarizing will be asked to redo the assignment the first time.  Subsequent violations will be subject to a grade penalty depending on the severity of the plagiarism.
    Website: My website on the school server includes numerous useful resources, including a list of upcoming assignments and downloadable copies of binder pages and other useful documents.  It can be found here.
Last Modified on March 19, 2018