• birthday  
    Celebrating birthdays is as easy as 1,2,3...
     1.  We love to celebrate all birthdays.  If your child's birthday falls on a school day I will assume that is when you will send in a treat.  If that won't work just send in a note to let me know what day you are planning.  I like to let all summer birthday kids pick their own day in June that they would like us to celebrate.  As that month approaches you can send in a note to let me know what day you picked!  Field Day would probably not be the best day but all others should work!
    2. When choosing a snack to send in please make it a treat that can be easily passed out by your child.  Cakes and ice cream sundaes prove to be difficult.  You do not need to send in a drink.  If you could remember to grab a stack of napkins from your cupboard that would be helpful! We have 20 children this year.  
    3.  Your son or daughter may bring a favorite book to school when celebrating a birthday. We will share the story with the class.
    **When planning an out of school birthday party for your child you may:
    • Send invitations to school with your child if all the boys in the class or all the girls in the class are invited.  Feelings are easily hurt when children are excluded from a gathering.
    • Use the Como Park School Directory and mail invitations.