• Classroom Rules:

    1. Always try your best.

    2. Use a “just right” voice volume.

    3. Be respectful.

    4. Be a good listener.

    If you choose to be responsible and follow the rules:

    1. Each day that homework and morning work is complete, a student is able to earn green Dojo points.

    2. When a student always gets homework done and shows good behavior, he/she is able to earn special privileges (lunch with teacher, homework pass etc.).

    3. When Dojo point’s goal is made each day, students earn a small prize and periodically the highest scoring student of the day is rewarded.

    4. Name on respect/responsibility chart puts you in the running to earn a trip to the treasure chest.

    5. Special opportunities like working at the William Street bookstore, passing back attendance folders to homerooms etc.

    If you choose to break a rule:

    1. Dojo red points for specific behavior

    2. If behavior issues continue, you will begin losing P.A.T. minutes (Fun Friday) or free-time minutes equal to the class time missed for inappropriate behaviors. (Possible phone call to parents or dojo message/email if behaviors become more sever in nature or are reoccurring)

    3. Individual behavior plans for students requiring more reinforcement.

Last Modified on September 6, 2017