• Homework 

    Kindergarten homework will begin in October.  Your child will bring his/her agenda home with a sheet explaining the homework policy stapled to the front cover.  This procedure will also be explained at Open House in September.
    Each Monday, your child will bring home his/her agenda (otherwise known as the "Homework Planner").  A weekly assignment sheet will be attached to the current week.  This will tell you the homework assignment for Monday through Friday.  I will expect the completed week of homework to be returned to the school the following Monday.  On Monday, I will check the homework and staple in the current week's assignment sheet. So... in short... agenda's will always go home on Monday and be expected back on the following Monday. When there is a Monday off of school, or if your child is absent on a Monday, the agenda should go home and/or be returned on the next school day.
    The weekly homework assignment sheet will not be posted to this site.  Thank you for your support and involvement in your child's education.