• Recorders 
    All 3rd graders will be learning how to play recorder starting in September. 
                                   This recorder will be used in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.
                        If you already have a recorder at home, please have your child bring it in. 
    All 3rd grade students will need:
    1. A German Recorder labeled with first and last name
    (German Recorders can be purchased at Twin Village Music, 44 Central Ave Lancaster) 
    2. One 3-PRONG pocket folder, color coordinated by teacher (for recorder) labeled with first and last name 
    Mrs. Kalp's students will need 1 RED
    Mrs. Kuciewski's students will need 1 BLUE
    Mrs. Oskvig's students will need 1 GREEN
    Mrs. Darnley's students will need 1 PURPLE            
     3. One YELLOW 3-PRONG pocket folder (for chorus) DO NOT LABEL WITH NAME