Lab Policy

    In order to be eligible for the Regents Chemistry/ Regents Living Environment examination in June, students are required by the New York State Education Department, to complete 1200 minutes (30 forty-minute periods) of hands-on laboratory experience and hand in an acceptable report on each activity.

    Written laboratory reports are due within one week of completion of the lab as assigned by the instructor. Chemistry labs are to be completed in a graphing composition notebook. Living Environment labs are to be completed as instructed. 10% is deducted from your grade for each week the report is late.

    While it is expected that students in the same lab group will have similar data and calculations, the remainder of the report (especially the answers to questions, conclusions and analysis of error) must reflect the student's own work. Identical laboratory reports are not acceptable and all students involved will receive a grade of zero for the assignment.

    Failure to hand in required lab reports by the end of the quarter will automatically result in a zero for the lab and a final grade of 50% for the marking period.

    Lab Safety

    Students are expected to pay careful attention to and follow all safety instructions given at the beginning of each laboratory session.

    Students are provided with laboratory goggles and are expected to wear them at all times while performing lab activities.

    Due to the serious consequences of accidents in the chemistry laboratory, students are expected to behave in a mature and responsible manner at all times. Poor lab behavior is any unnecessary activity performed in the lab. It is the right of the instructor to determine what constitutes poor laboratory behavior and a just punishment.

    Lab Make-Up Sessions Mrs. Gibbs is available everyday after school until at least 3:00 pm if not later.
Last Modified on November 13, 2017