• COURSE OUTLINE: U.S. History 1865 to the Present                                                     



    COURSE OUTLINE: U.S. History 1865-Present                                                     

    First Quarter

    US at the end of the Civil War

    Reconstruction 1865-1877

    Growth in the West 1860-1900

    Industrialization and Immigration 1860-1914

    Project: TBA


    Second Quarter:


    Progressive Era 1890-1920

    Becoming a World Power 1880-1914

    World War I 1914-1918

    Project: Family Tree Project


    LMS 8th Grade Midterm Exam: JANUARY 2018 TBA 


    Third Quarter: 

    The Roaring Twenties 1919-1929

     The Great Depression & New Deal 1929-1940

    World War II 1939-1945


    Project: Enduring Issues Essay


    Fourth Quarter:


    1992- Present

    Topics: The Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, U.S. Involvement with the Middle East, Current Events since 1992.


    LMS Final Exam: JUNE 2018TBA



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