• Theater Workshop

    Required Materials:
    • A 1 1/2 inch three ring binder for music ONLY! Label the front with your name and period.
    • Loose leaf paper
    • a pen & pencil
    *it is very important that your notebook be kept will organized.  Remember there isn't a textbook for this class, so the only tool you have to study and prepare for quizzes, test, or projects is your notebook.  You are required to keep every paper you receive in this class.
    Course Outline:
    The purpose of the Theater Workshop course:  This course is intended to teach you: the elements of musical theater, give you a clearer understanding of the jobs involved in creating a musical theater production, and give you a hands on experience with creating a mini musical.
    1.  The Elements of Musical Theater:
    • Types of Musicals
    • The Book (story)
    • Lyrics
    • Song
    • Score
    • Dance
    • Production
    2.  Roles involved in creating a musical:
    • The production team
    • The creative team
    3.  Choosing the show:
    • Comparing and contrasting the elements of two mini musicals.
    • Voting on the show that they fell best fit our class
    4.  Choosing your role in the production:
    • Student will be asked to define their role in the making of the mini musical
    • Under the direction of Mrs. Conlon (Creative team) Mrs. Fehrman (Production team) the students create an outline of their responsibilities.
    5.  Creating the Show:
    • Students will work in groups to create all of the elements of the show for example: Singing, dancing, blocking, costumes, sets, props, promotion...
    6.  Performing the Show:
    • Students will arrange a performance date. (possibly at one of the Lancaster elementary schools)
    1. Elements of musical theater unit:
    • Students will take a unit test assessing their knowledge of the elements of musical theater.
    2.  Roles involved in creating a musical:
    • Students will complete a Jobs in musical theater research guide.  They will be given on class period in the computer lab to begin the project.
    3.  Creating the show:
    • The students participation in the groups assignments will be graded by the teacher and the peers in their group.
    • Students may be required to gather items from home to complete projects for the musical production.
    4.  Evaluating a Show:
    • Students will complete a final evaluation assignments where they will be ask to watch a musical (live or recorded) and complete an in-depth evaluation of the elements of theater that were utilized to create the production.  
    1.  Be Prompt - you must report to class on time.  When you enter the room please find your  
                              seat immediately.
    2.  Be Prepared - Bring all required material to class everyday. Necessary visits to the lavatory or
                                drinking fountain will only be allowed before class begins.
    3.  Be Polite - Always use good manners, be tolerant and respectful! Do not touch others
                           personal property (including mine) with out permission.
    4.  Be Quiet - While I am teaching, another student is speaking, during PA announcements,
                           during a fire drill.
    • Verbal Warning
    • Seat Change
    • Teacher detention
    • Write up
    • Contact parent