• Creating Music
    Required Materials:
    • A 1 1/2 inch three ring binder for music ONLY! Labeled on the front with your name and Period you have creating music.
    • Loose leaf paper
    • A pen and a pencil.
    Course Outline:
    The purpose of this course is intended to teach you all of the basic skills needed to become an independent composer:
    • Treble and Bass Clef unit
    • Rhythm unit
    • Intervals unit
    • Major & minor scales unit
    • Writing a Melody
    • Finale project #1
    • Major key signatures unit
    • Minor key signatures unit
    • Triads unit
    • Chord progression unit
    • Finale project #2
    • Harmony unit
    • Elements of a melody unit
    • Final finale Composition project #3
    • Final Analysis project
    • Class composition Project #4
    • Homework assignments: are due on time and must be of good quality.  In creating music class there will be a combination of written homework assignments and technology based assignments.  If you do not have a computer at home you will need to utalize the computers available at school.  You will loose point everyday an assignment is late.
    • Absence: If you are absent, YOU are respondsible to get any handouts or make up any assignments that were given while you were out.  Any assignments that are not made up will result in a zero.
    • Grades: Your grade is based on participation, homework, tests and projects.
    • Extra Help: If at anytime you feel that you so not understand a topic in class or how to complete an assignment. DO NOT hesitate to tell me so that we can set up a time for you to come in for extra help.  The units in this course build on each other so please do not wait to get help if you need it.