•       One of the primary focuses of the elementary art program is to introduce, understand, and apply the elements of art in student artwork. These are the "tools" which we use to create art.  Both product and process factor into student learning.
         The elementary art curriculum aligns with the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts, as well as the National Standards for the Arts.  Our core curriculum ensures a well-rounded program, where students learn about famous artists, art styles and art movements, and cultural diversity in art.
         Because children may excel in working with certain art mediums but not necessarily all, skills will vary from one project to another.  Art grades are based on a rubric where correct use of technique, and knowledge of concepts and criteria are graded.  An example of where a grade may be lower than the previous marking period might be where a student has more difficulty with 3-D materials such as clay, or where a student has more difficulty with painting than drawing.  The learning experience is what is important in their exploration!