• PE News

              The Physical Education Staff at Como Park Elementary consists of Mrs. Colleen Tonsoline and Mrs. Becky Edwards.  We are excited because we have the opportunity to provide exercise in a positive, cooperative, and fun-filled atmosphere. The discipline of Physical Education improves not only the physical aspects of a student’s well-being, but also one’s social, emotional and intellectual development, which will remain with a child throughout his/her life.                                                                                                   There will be days when Mrs. Edwards and I  team teach but if your child's teacher is listed below,  I am your child’s  PE teacher.  Please direct any questions you may have directly to me.



    P.E. Class Days:
    3rd Grade-  Rowekamp & Rightmyer:  Monday -Wednesday -Friday 
    2nd Grade- Ferreri: Monday - Tuesday- Thursday
    Sadowski: Tuesday - Thursday-Friday 
    Kuras:: Monday - Tuesday -  Friday
    1st Grade -
    Gilray:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Boldt: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 
    Fantini: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    LaMancuso: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
    Prior:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday