• Math 
     All students in the school have the opportunity to practice their math skills by going online and completing activities with the IXL Math Program.  Students who attend one of my small math groups will receive a list of specific activities that will support the math goals and objectives being taught in the classroom.  (See the links to the left for a list by grade level.)  Please help your child log onto IXL Math and select the appropriate activities to take advantage of this wonderful resource that the Lancaster School District has purchased for your child.  
    Grades first through third have programs that help to build fluency with math facts.  Please support your child by finding time to practice their math facts.  If a child can automatically and accurately recall a math fact, they can devote more brain power to solving a problem that utilizes this math fact.  This becomes even more important as the math questions become more advanced.  Helping your child commit the math facts to memory will boost their confidence and increase their accuracy in solving problems.  Thank you in advance for helping your child to accomplish this important math goal!
    Click links on the left to access the appropriate grade level activities for your child.