• Social Skills Groups

    Throughout the year I run several social skills groups.    The groups are held once a week during lunch to help minimize time away from academic instruction.  The groups typically run for 6- 8 weeks each. The timing of the group depends on the need of the student body and feedback from teachers and parents.   Descriptions of each group are listed below.  
    Banana Splits- A peer support group for children whose families are experiencing a transition due to divorce, separation, parents beginning to date, or remarriage.   Children will regain a feeling of stability through the support of other children who share common feelings of loss and change.  By discussing the divorce or separation in a group, children learn to cope with change.  Accepting the changes that come with divorce is necessary for the successful achievement of long-term educational goals.

    Friendship/social skills group- This group will assist children in expressing feelings, developing friendships, and promoting positive peer interactions.  Therapeutic activities will help children develop responsible behavior and learn social skills such as finding solutions to stressful situations, fair game playing, and dealing with conflict.

    Self-Control Patrol- The focus of this group is to teach your child to identify feelings and learn techniques to regulate those feelings.  Fun therapeutic activities will be used to assist your child in learning how to respond to a situation without acting on impulse. By learning self-control kids can make appropriate decisions and respond to stressful situations in ways that can yield positive outcomes. The group will also teach children how to improve focus and attention.   

    Stress Busters-  Children today are faced with so much stress and experience increased anxiety daily. This group teaches children to identify internal feelings of anxiety and worry, and learn techniques that will relax their minds and bodies.  Therapeutic activities will be used to assist children in recognizing physical signs of anxiety as well as teaching them to slow down and improve focus and awareness.  Practicing relaxation techniques is necessary to be successful at preventing future anxiety.  

    If you would like your child to participate in any of the above groups please contact your child's teacher or me to discuss. 
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