1) Come in before school (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) for a make-up lesson.

    2) Play 3 Major Scales by memory for Mrs. Mallory.

    3) Attend a concert and bring in a concert program signed by a member of the performing ensemble.

    (This includes everything from Middle School concerts to local church group to the Buffalo Philharmonic)

    4) Attend a concert, return a program and a short essay on their favorite piece. Explain why you enjoyed the piece using music terms (melody, tempo, dynamics, etc.)

    5) Write a short essay on what music means to you.

    6) Take private lessons outside of school. (Must bring in note from parent and/or private lesson teacher)

    7) Write a short biography on a famous musician.  

    8) Research the History of your instrument. 

    9) Learn to play Happy Birthday on your instrument. 

    10) Compose a song for your instrument. 

    11) Play 5 Major scales at a high level for Mrs. Mallory. 

    12) Perform outside of school and bring in signed note from parents. 

    13) Come up with another idea and present it to Mrs. Mallory.