• *Solve
    428 / 3 =
    *If 8 shirts can fit in each Walmart storage drawer, how many drawers are needed for 464 shirts?
    *7,650 oranges will be packed in cases of ten on a delivery truck.  How many cases does the company use?
    *Teachers must chaperone all students.  If each teacher can watch 9 students and 7 classes of 22 students are attending a field trip, how many teachers must attend?
    *How would you check 3,329 / 4?  Write an expression to check this.
    *Write a number sentence to show how much money Haley made each day when she babysat.  Haley made $214 in 4 days.
    *Where would you start dividing in this problem?  672 / 3? 
     Circle one :  thousands,  hundreds,  tens,  ones
    *Divide:   3,670 / 10
    *John has 245 tickets from "Chuck  Z cheese".  He won 119 more today. 
    If he gets a prize for every seven tickets how many prizes can he claim?
    *If I have 84 large sea shells and I use 8 as a border on a picture frame,
    How many picture frames can I border and is there a remainder?
    *I have 9 pictures of Jule, 8 of Haley and 14 of my husband.  If I can fit 3 pictures on each page of a photo album how many pages will I need?
    Solve and write an equation to show how many pages I will have.
    *Divide 2,666 /7 = ?
    *I bought a box of hair accessories.  In each box there were 274 bows, 300 clips,
    and 320 hair ties. If I bought 8 boxes, how many hair ties did I buy?
    *If 257 people are coming to a Christmas party, how many tables
    do I need if each table seats 8 people?
    *Eighty-seven people attend a movie.  If a row holds 9 people, how many people will fill a partially full row?
    *There are 375 people attending a fundraiser.  Each person will receive a participation bracelet.  If the bracelets come in bags of 9 each, how many bags will have to be ordered so each participant receives one?
    *Allyson earned $78 dollars on Monday, $128 on Tuesday and $44 on Wednesday tutoring. 
    If she puts half of the money in the bank how much will she keep?
    *Jenna made necklaces.  She made 33 on Friday, 56 on Saturday and 23 on Sunday.  She plans on sharing them equally among herself and 3 friends.  How many bracelets will be left over?
Last Modified on November 14, 2017