•   Meet Our Team
     Mrs. Bonnie Banaszak:
       Mrs. Banaszak is one of the classroom aides on our team. She has been working in our district for over 10 years and is also a member of the Lancaster community. She has 3 children named Christopher, Lindsay and Jake. She has 2 puppies named Fozzie and Logan that might be considered her fourth and fifth children. Her favorite thing to do is take her pups for walks and go to the beach or waterfront. Mrs. Banaszak is a wonderful asset to our class and we are lucky to have her!
     Mrs. Banaszak
    Mrs. Marie Reese:
    Mrs. Reese is another classroom aide in the classroom. This is her second year working in our program and we are so excited to have her back! She has been working in our district for 6 years. Like Mrs. B., she also has 3 children. their names are Tyler (7th grade), Sara (9th grade) and Lauren (3rd grade). She has 1 miniature schnauzer named Bella who plays volleyball and soccer with her children! Mrs. Reese loves attending her children's sporting events, shopping and is also a Mouskateer and goes to Disney World any chance she gets! Mrs. Reese loves working at William Street School and our program is so lucky to have her!
    Mrs. Reese  
    Additional Team Members:
    Mrs Arnold & Mrs. Curry - Speech 
    Ms. Katie  - OT
    Mrs. Pitirri & Mrs. Gang - Social Workers 
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