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    As a teacher and parent I believe that homework is an important tool for carrying over the work from school to outside the classroom.  With that said I do value your time at home with your child and will try to keep homework to the minimum and meaningful.  I also noticed that many of your children seem to frown away from doing it; my goal is to change that! 

    Spelling: Each week I will be sending home Spelling packets on Friday with the homework for the week. Have your child work at his or her own pace and complete the work as they choose.  Spelling is due on Thursday mornings.  The test will be on Friday mornings. 

    Reading: Included in your child’s backpack today is my reading program.  Please read the informational sheet inside.  While we may not write “read for 15 minutes” in our agenda each night, it is important to still do so.  And who doesn’t love ice cream as a reward?!?

    Math: Our math program has a nightly homework activity.  I will only send home work that is review from that day’s lesson. I will also send home the activities done in class as a resource.  If your child is struggling please let me know and I can go over it with him or her again in class.  The homework should take no more than 30 minutes (if that), if it does please stop and send in what is finished.  My hope is to give the students time to start their homework in class.  You will notice the math sheets are double-sided, only do the side that says homework!

    Other Subject Areas: Homework will vary and usually is made up of studying for quizzes and tests or fun extra credit projects.

    Other than reading, there will be no homework on Fridays!

    If your child does not complete a homework assignment a missed homework slip will be sent home that evening and they will have to complete the work that evening or during free time.  I understand that things happen and some nights are crazy, so if you can’t get to an assignment please feel free to let me know.  I just ask that it does not happen frequently.  Frequently missed homework assignments will be reflected on the report card.  Please sign and return the attached slip so I know that you received the information.  As always thank you for your support and cooperation. 

    Your Partner in Education,

    Mrs. C. Greenawalt

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