• 4th Grade STEM Project 
    • During this unique activity opportunity students will be creating a project in tech ed by solving a real world problem. Students will be exploring energy by following the design process and creating a vehicle capable of protecting an egg during a collision. This project should support the learning that takes place with students 4th grade classroom teacher.
    • Students will be working in pairs to complete this project and I will be meeting with classrooms a total of 6 times for 40 min. each. 
    • All work will be done in class using Google Classroom and Vex Iq robotics kits.  
    • I will update progress photos to Twitter throughout the activity. Follow me @canaskitech
    • Videos of team projects will be uploaded to the site after some editing. Videos will also be uploaded to my Youtube channel, subscribe to my Youtube channel @CanaskiTech.
    Class Videos 
     Mr. Recktenwlad's Class Video
Last Modified on November 19, 2015