• The Lancaster Central School District believes that classroom instruction is an integral part of the learning process. Therefore, to receive credit for courses students must not only fulfill the necessary academic requirements of each course, but also must comply with the following attendance requirements.

    In order to be eligible to take tests, submit assignments, or to take the local final assessment required to receive credit for a course, a student must be in attendance a minimum of 85% of the total number of classes that the course is in session. This 85% requirement means that:

    1.   In a full-year, one-credit course, a student must not exceed twenty-eight (28) class Absences
    2.   In a half-year, one-half credit course, a student must not exceed fourteen (14) class absences. 
    3.  All Physical Education courses are half-year courses
    4.  In courses with scheduled labs, e.g. science classes, a student must not exceed thirty eight (38) class or lab period absences.
    5.   Students who miss more than twenty (20) minutes of any class will be considered absent for that class, and that absence will count towards the accumulated total.

    Any student, who is absent from school to attend field trips or other student activities for which an approved assessment is to be completed by students, school approved competitions, and out of school suspension will not have the absence counted towards the accumulated total for purposes of this attendance policy.

    A student who exceeds the minimum attendance requirements specified in items 1, 2, and 3

    above will:

    • Not take any remaining tests, submit assignments for grades necessary to receive credit for that course, or be permitted to take a local final assessment.
    • NOT be permitted to take a Regents exam given at the conclusion of the class.
    • Continue to attend the class in accordance with all aspects of the Lancaster Central School District’s Code of Conduct.

    If a student is denied credit under the LCSD Attendance Policy, his/her parent (or person in parental relation) may request a building level review of their child’s attendance record. A written request must be made to the Principal of the building where their child attends within ten (10) school days of the date of the notice indicating denial of credit.

    The Principal, or his/her designee, will examine whether or not the denial of credit is appropriate, but only if (1) less than 50% of the accumulated absences of the student are recorded by the Attendance Clerk as unexcused absences and (2) the student continues to regularly attend the class(es) for which credit has been denied, without violating the District’s Code of Conduct in any manner.

Last Modified on October 1, 2015